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U of T Study Finds a Cousin of The Chia Pet Seed, the Selba Seed, has Big Health Benefits For Hypertension Patients

by Ray Varey & Dr. Shafiq Qaadri

Researchers at the U of T will publish a study in the U.S. journal Diabetes Care which shows that the Salba seed, a relative of the popular Chia pet seed eaten by the ancient Aztecs has a remarkable impact on high blood pressure. The Salba seed is a variation of the popular Chia pet seed that is often seen growing from the heads of pottery turtles and frogs in gift shops.

Dr.Vuksan, the lead researcher on the study, and Associate Director of the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto reports that, You simply dont see many other ingredients that can do what Salba seed can. You add this to any food, even bad food, and it will improve your health. The positive impact on hypertension sufferers can be quite remarkable. Researchers found the Chia pet seed was not as consistent in providing the high levels of hypertension reducing ingredients as found in Salba seed.

High blood pressure is a common problem today. The U of T study indicates that study participants who ate up to four teaspoons of Salba seed as day had a significant impact on high blood pressure readings. The Selba seed is a whiter relative of the brown Chia pet seed. Another effect was an increase in the beneficial omega-3 fatty acid most often found in fish. One hundred grams of Salba seed contains as much omega-3 fatty acid as a 32 ounce salmon steak, as much calcium as 2 and ? cups of milk and as much magnesium as 10 stalks of broccoli.

These results are good news for hypertension sufferers. Salba seeds are smaller and have less taste than the Chia pet seed. They can be sprinkled on cereal or salads and included in baking with no impact on the taste of the food. Working a daily dose of Salba seeds into your diet can have a real impact on improving your health.

Food manufacturers have been quick to pick up on the beneficial aspects of the Salba seed which is more readily available than the Chia pet seed. There are already Salba enriched crackers on the market and other large food corporations are exploring the possibility of new Salba seed products.


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