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Micardis Doses

Micardis Doses have a 24-hour half-life, giving a full day's protection against hypertension

One of the greatest advantages of taking Micardis doses is the day-long hypertension treatment it provides. Micardis doses last a whole day within the body, essential for preventing heart attack and stroke.

Micardis doses
Micardis doses

Micardis has a 24-hour half-life, which means it takes twenty-four hours for half of the given Micardis doses to dissipate. This 24-hour half-life is critical for maintaining proper control over high blood pressure. The majority of hypertensive events, namely heart attacks and stroke, occur in the early hours of the morning. Taking Micardis doses during the day will protect them well through the next morning, ensuring that the body is guarded against these life-threatening events. It is important to take Micardis at about the same time every day since it lasts 24 hours within the body.

Micardis doses affect blood pressure consistently throughout this twenty-four hour period as well. Clinical studies have shown that Micardis lowers systolic blood pressure by 18.3 mmHg from its original value in the first 6 hours of administration, and by 18.6 mmHg from its original value in the last four hours. The same holds true for Micardis doses affecting diastolic blood pressure, with an 11.7 mm Hg drop in the first 6 hours, and a 12.1 mmHg drop in the last 4 hours.

The size of Micardis doses must be individualized, but usually starts at 40 mg a day. The day-lasting effects are seen right after the first dose, though maximum reduction only occurs after four weeks. Because of its 24-hour half-life, a single Micardis dose per day is all that is required to achieve significant reductions in blood pressure.


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