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Micardis - Early morning hypertension control

Micardis can help control blood pressure in the early morning

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Micardis: A good choice for Blood Pressure Control and Heart Disease Protection in the Early Morning Hours
Micardis: The new standard of treatment

Another reason that Micardis is a good choice for Blood Pressure Control and Heart Disease Protection is the fact that it protects people during the vulnerable Early Morning Hours.

As doctors, we know that many people die in the early morning hours. This is because our blood pressure starts to go up as we begin to prepare for the activity of the next day. With these blood pressure spikes, people can be vulnerable, at added risk, for having heart attacks or strokes.

Because of the chemistry of Micardis, people are protected from the risk of these dangerous early morning blood pressure surges. This is another excellent reason why people are benefiting from this newer generation medication.

Micardis can help control blood pressure in the early morning.


Telmisartan, known as Micardis, specializes in treating early morning hypertension. For most people, blood pressure rises in the early morning as part of the body's natural daily cycle, but for hypertensive individuals this elevation can be very dangerous.

This increase usually occurs between 6AM and noon, which is when people are most at risk for cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke. Micardis has good early morning coverage that helps to prevent these cardiovascular events.

Micardis is taken once daily and works for 24 hours to control blood pressure. This day-long protection keeps blood pressure down in the critical early morning hours, until the next dose of Micardis is taken.

Since it lasts 24 hours in the body, it is important to take Micardis at the same time every day to avoid an overdose. It can be taken with or without food. Patients should not make changes to their Micardis dosing schedule, including skipping or missing doses.

Micardis early morning hypertension control
Micardis early morning
hypertension control

The early morning and day long blood pressure control provided by Micardis is usually apparent after two weeks. Maximum hypertension protection is reached after four weeks, and if the patient has still not achieved desired results, a diuretic may be added to their prescription.

It is important to regularly monitor your blood pressure and to talk to your doctor if you find that you have morning hypertension. With the early morning proving to be the most dangerous period for hypertensive individuals, Micardis is a viable option for controlling blood pressure and to help prevent dangerous cardiovascular events.

Micardis Early Morning Hypertension Control Video Script (PDF)


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