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Blood Pressure Research

Hi, Welcome to the Blood Pressure Research Page.

When we decide that lifestyle control is not enough, then certain medications may be required.

One of the largest Blood Pressure Clinical Research Trials has been released, involving 31,000 patients. The findings from this Research Trial, known as the ONTARGET TRIAL, will impact how we manage Blood Pressure Patients, and how we can protect them in the future against HEART ATTACK, STROKE, AND KIDNEY FAILURE. This study is the modern version of the landmark HOPE TRIAL, which taught us that the ACE Inhibitor Altace (ramipril) would not only lower Blood Pressure but also offer Heart Protection, known as CardioProtection.

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There are a number of things that we appreciate about the Study:

  • A once per day medication was used
  • The medication comes in well-tolerated doses that patients are able to take regularly and safely
  • The medication works extra hard at night to protect people during the early morning hours, a time of great vulnerability, a time when many people have Heart Attacks, Strokes, or further kidney damage.
  • The medication is forgiving, which means it continues to work even if you miss one dose.
  • With the results of the ONTARGET TRIAL, we know now that Micardis (telmisartan) will not only lower and control your blood pressure, but it will also protect you against HEART ATTACK, STROKE, AND KIDNEY FAILURE.
  • This medication is an ARB, an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker, one of the newer generation Blood Pressure Medications that doctors are using to great benefit more and more.

  • Of course, any medication is one of a number of options. You need to tailor your medication and lifestyle control and find what works for you.


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