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High Blood Pressure

Normal blood pressure levels apply to everyone

Measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure indicate blood pressure levels

A normal blood pressure level is determined by examining the levels of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure in the body. Systolic pressure is considered the more important of the two, measuring the high levels of pressure within arteries, taken upon the heart’s contraction. Diastolic pressure is the low level of pressure on the arteries, taken between heartbeats.

Normal blood pressure levels
Normal blood pressure levels

Normal blood pressure is considered 120/80 with systolic pressure being the first number and diastolic pressure being the second number. As populations age, normal blood pressure levels can become harder for individuals to maintain.

Blood pressure levels range throughout the day depending on activity which an individual is participating in. Increased stress levels increase blood pressure, whereas sleep or relaxation may cause blood pressure levels to drop. It is healthy for blood pressure levels to range within 20 points throughout daily activity; rarely will an individual's blood pressure remain constant within the guidelines for normal blood pressure. There are safe and easy ways for reducing high blood pressure that will help you live a long and healthy life.

Those with higher than normal blood pressure levels may benefit from high blood pressure medication, treatment to regulate blood pressure levels. Important lifestyle decisions can also help regulate normal blood pressure levels by increasing exercise, losing extra weight, eating a balanced diet and avoiding excessive alcohol and tobacco intake. These lifestyle changes for reducing high blood pressure to normal blood pressure levels have the capability of reducing the need for medication.


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