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ONTARGET results

ONTARGET results show that Micardis is just as effective and has greater tolerability than the drug ramipril in treating hypertension

After a five-year study of 25,000 patients, ONTARGET results have been released and overwhelmingly demonstrate that telmisartan, known as Micardis, is just as effective as the commonly used drug ramipril, the former gold standard, in lowering blood pressure.

ONTARGET results showed that cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attacks occurred in 16.66 percent of patients receiving telmisartan, against 16.36 percent of patients receiving ramipril. Based on the ONTARGET results and the earlier HOPE trial, it has been determined that telmisartan can prevent every fifth cardiovascular event.


The ONTARGET results not only show Micardis is as effective as ramipril, but that it has significant advantages as well. Micardis is an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB). The study shows that Micardis has fewer side effects and better tolerability than ramipril, an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE).

According to ONTARGET results, 360 patients who received rampiril stopped because they experienced a cough, versus 93 patients who took telmisartan. Twenty-five patients who took ramipril stopped because of angioneurotic edema, an allergic reaction, as opposed to 10 with telmisartan.

These ONTARGET results make it clear that Micardis is the only drug proven to have cardiovascular benefits and reduce blood pressure without the side effects associated with ACE-inhibitors. After analyzing these ONTARGET results, Dr. Shafiq Qaadri of Toronto says, "We now have a new treatment option for high-risk patients which is effective and better tolerated."

ONTARGET results have also shown that combining telmisartan with ramirpil, an ARB with an ACE-inhibitor, provides no additional benefits to the patient. These ONTARGET results demonstrate that telmisartan is an exceptionally viable alternative to the traditionally used ramipril for treating high blood pressure.


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