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Cardiovascular Health

Get quick facts on the types of cardiovascular disease

Find out more about the different types of cardiovascular disease.

There are several types of cardiovascular disease. They include: stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart failure and coronary heart disease (including heart attack, chest pain and angina pectoris).

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the types of cardiovascular disease. When the pressure in your arteries is consistently above normal range (120/80 mmHg), it means the force of blood pushing against the blood vessels is consistently too high. There are no signs of high blood pressure, making it extremely important to ensure your blood pressure is being monitored.

Types of cardiovascular disease
Types of cardiovascular

Another type of cardiovascular disease is heart attack. When part of the heart becomes blocked, often by a blood clot, it can cut blood flow to the heart. The artery that supplies blood to that part of the heart muscle begins to die, causing a heart attack.

Heart failure is a different type of cardiovascular disease. This occurs when the heart isn't pumping blood properly. Although it's working, the body isn't getting the amount of blood and oxygen it needs. Possible symptoms can be: swelling in the feet, ankles and/or legs (known as edema) and fatigue, which can be due to fluid building up in the lungs (called pulmonary congestion).

Stroke is another type of cardiovascular disease. It occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the brain becomes blocked. The particular part of the brain affected can't function properly and neither can the part of the body it controls. Strokes also occur when a brain blood vessel ruptures. Know your risks for the different types of cardiovascular disease. Work with your doctor in a partnership to remain heart smart.


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