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  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario will be highlighting the Higher Rate of Heart disease in Ethnocultural Communities. The specific communities that are being engaged are Aborginal, Chinese, Black/African-Canadian/Caribbean, and South Asian

  • An important reminder to people travelling to most tropical countries, to hotspots around the world: make sure you are protected, vaccinated, against Hepatitis A/B.

  • Canadian doctors are still debating whether we should follow American recommendations to test cholesterol levels in children who are as young as two years of age. This would involve a complete mindset change in Canadian medicine, and the cost/benefits are being hotly debated.

  • Daily in the news it seems that one day a vitamin or supplement is good for you, the next day it is of little value, or possibly even harmful. It’s best to speak to your physician to help guide you through the ever-increasing choices.

  • Women over age 50 are encouraged to have regular mammograms. Early detection of any potential problems help doctors treat people effectively.


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