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Side effects of Micardis

Prescription medication may have side effects

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Micardis: A good choice for Blood Pressure Control and Heart Disease Protection
Micardis: Very few Side Effects

Another reason that Micardis is a good choice for Blood Pressure Control and Heart Disease Protection is the very few side effects it has. For example, as doctors, we know that if we give medications that cause unwanted side effects, that patients will NOT take their tablets. Then people will not get the full benefit and protection.

That's where Micardis really shines. For example, one of the very troublesome side effects from a very common type of blood pressure pill known as ACE Inhibitors is an ongoing, chronic cough. Patients would develop this constant tickle, an ever present irritation, in their throats. Eventually, they would stop taking their medications completely.

I am pleased to report that Micardis has a much better tolerability, with far fewer people suffering side effects, particularly this limiting problem of chronic cough.

This is another of the benefits of the newer generation blood pressure medications known as ARBs, such as Micardis.


Unlike some forms of hypertension medication that have many side effects, there are few common side effects of Micardis. Micardis is a highly effective form of hypertension medication used to regulate levels of blood pressure in individuals. It is often effective within the first two weeks of initiation upon regular use.

Common side effects of Micardis may include headache or dizziness, but for most patients, these go away after a few days. What is also especially important about Micardis is the fact that it does not cause the common side effect of Cough that is found with other blood pressure medications known as ACE Inhibitors.

Side effects of Micardis
Side effects of Micardis

All patients who have been prescribed the medication do not necessarily experience the most common side effects of Micardis; most often these symptoms are manageable.

As with all prescribed medications, the importance of proper dosages and following the physician's directions are of the utmost importance. Micardis can be taken with food and has an impressive staying power of 24 hours, which often makes it more manageable for individuals who suffer from morning hypertension.

If you have any concerns regarding side effects of Micardis or any other form of hypertension treatment, contact your physician to ensure that the dosages as well as any differences in physical symptoms can be addressed.

Side Effects of Micardis Video Script (PDF)


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