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Heart Disease

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Knowledge of women's heart attack symptoms can help in recognizing the risk.

The symptoms which women experience in a heart attack often differ from the experiences of men. Women's heart attack symptoms occur as early as a month prior to the heart attack. Symptoms which are most common in women include fatigue, sleep disturbance and difficulty breathing, including shortness of breath, discomfort in shoulder blades, dizziness, nausea and painful indigestion.

Heart attack symptoms for woman
Heart attack symptoms
for woman

Surprisingly, women's heart attack symptoms of chest pain occur less frequently than in men. Doctors are still struggling to make sure they do not miss a women's heart attack symptoms.

The most frequent women's heart attack symptoms prior to a heart attack include fatigue, sleep disturbance, shortness of breath, indigestion and anxiety.

The major women's heart attack symptoms post heart attack include shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, cold sweats and dizziness.

Dealing early with possible heart attack symptoms in women may lead to the prevention of an impending heart attack.

Knowing women's heart attack symptoms creates an awareness for physicians and the public alike. Then all concerned will be able to recognize the signs and act accordingly, which will ultimately save their lives.

Heart disease remains the number one reason for death in both men and women. Living a healthy lifestyle and being a non-smoker are two ways to decrease the risk of these women's heart attack symptoms from developing. Also, know your blood pressure, and make sure it is at the right levels.


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